How do Wireless Headphones Connect to my TV?

Choosing the right wireless headphones will depend on whether your TV has a digital connection or an analog connection. If you have both, all the better, as a digital connection gives you better sound quality. The image below illustrates both kinds of connection.

Wireless Headphones for TV connection

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Wireless TV headphones consist of a base station (which often acts as a charging stand), with a transmitter inside, and the headphones with a wireless receiver in it. Normally, you can listen to the TV sound both through the speakers and headphones at the same time, but if you plug the base station audio into the headphone jack on your TV, it will turn off the speakers. Regardless, the best quality audio transmission you will get is by plugging the base station in the audio output connection on your TV panel (Optionally, you can also connect it to the audio input of a stereo system (in addition to your TV), in case your TV has only one audio output and you want to connect the docking station to an audio amplifier). In this case, the speakers will work normally and be controlled normally, while the headphone listener can use the volume control on the headphones. Extra wireless headphones can be bought and used from the same station, in case more than one user want to wear headphones at the same time. However, since there’s only one base charging station, only one pair of headphone may be charging at a time.

If you want to cut the sound from coming out of the speakers, you can plug a 1/8” (3.5mm) ‘mini’ plug into the TV headphone jack, and control the headphones volume directly with the volume for the TV set.

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