TV Ears 2.3 Voice Clarifying Wireless System Review

TV Ears 2,3 Voice Clarifying Wireless System

One of the biggest markets for wireless headphones is the hearing impaired. TV ears 2.3 Hearing Aids are squarely aimed at that market. TV Ears 2.3 is an economy model and as such employs infrared wireless technology that covers 600 square feet within line of sight.

Infrared technology uses LEDs to transmit the signal. Since it uses light, any visual obstruction will cause interference in the signal. This, on its own, is a limiting factor in the range of these headphones. Infrared systems are known to have low sound quality, as was the case with these headphones. But, with headphones that are meant for the hearing impaired, it’s debatable whether audio fidelity is a concern.


With a maximum volume of 120 dB, these should be loud enough for just about anybody. For comparison, hearing damage starts somewhere around 90 dB with long-term exposure. 120 dB is about the volume of a siren.

We didn’t test the limits of the TV Ears, but did find they were quite loud. The volume could actually be a gateway to further hearing loss, particularly for people who have difficulty gauging volumes to begin with.

From an audiophile’s perspective, we found the sound quality to be poor to the point of obsolescence. These wireless television headphones are certainly designed with overkill in mind and should never be purchased if you are looking for a pleasurable audio experience.

Construction and Fit

The under chin design makes the TV Ears easy to get on and off, a feature aimed at senior citizens. An unfortunate side effect is that they interfere with eating and can easily become tangled with hair and jewelry.  You might not mind this, but we found it to be terribly cumbersome. Similarly, the receiver can unintentionally be covered by the bed sheets, if you’re watching TV in bed, thus blocking the signal.

The tone and volume knobs are in a peculiar location, just under the chin. Adjusting the volume or tone requires you to take the headphones off, so you can see what you’re doing. Though they function perfectly, you may have to undergo several rounds of adjustment to dial in the sound.

The primary issues with the TV Ears 2.3, which are made in China, revolve more around issues of construction, design, and quality. Many customers have reported failure and malfunction of their TV Ears just outside of the 90 day warranty period. We have yet to experience this, but time will tell.

If construction can be evaluated on appearance, these don’t look or feel like they are intended for the long haul. Cheap plastic appears ready to break at any point. The fit of the ear pieces was also cause for concern. The only way to adjust the fit in your ear is to move the headband. It felt more like the ear pieces were invading your ear than fitting inside them. The headset is far too narrow and inflexible (as you can see on the picture), which means that the constant pressure on your ears can turn painful pretty quickly.

Bottom Line

The thought of watching television with uncomfortable, overpowered headphones shoved into your ears is a somewhat unsettling proposition. We can’t imagine this being a daily occurrence and the reported malfunctions of these wireless television headphones virtually guarantees that it won’t be. Even though these are more TV hearing aids than headphones, they missed the mark on almost all counts.

There are many other headphones with better sound, a better design, and sufficient volume that you needn’t waste your time with the TV Ears 2.3 headset. If you have hearing loss, and want high quality wireless TV headphones that will still solve your hearing issues, we highly recommend the Sony MDR RF960RK, which have a sensitivity of 125 dB, or the Sony MDR RF985RK (120 dB). Both are full-size around-the-ear headphones, with excellent sound and a comfortable design. Nevertheless, if you’re still interested in purchasing stethosets, Sennheiser makes some more efficient models than the TV Ears, namely the Set 840-TV or the IS 410.

TV Ears 2.3 Voice Clarifying Wireless System TV Ears 10321 2.3 Voice Clarifying Wireless System
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Sound quality
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Summary: The TV Ears 2.3 are wireless earphones for tv, designed for the hearing impaired. Although their volume is loud enough for that specific purpose, they are a let down on other aspects: their construction is inconvenient and cheap, with a short durability, and their sonic quality is disappointing for anyone who doesn't need TV hearing aids. Hearing impaired or not, there are other wireless TV headphones that offer the full experience, including increased volume sensitivity.


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