Sennheiser Wireless Headphones for TV

Sennheiser RS 170 Wireless TV Headphones Review

Like the RS 180 and RS 220, the RS 170 utilizes KLEER’s lossless digital wireless audio transmission, offering a claimed ...
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Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless TV Headphones Review

The Sennheiser RS 180 audiophile-grade wireless headphones offer an immersive home theater experience and are one of the best-sounding on ...
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Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless TV Headphones Review

For the price ($200 new,$150 refurbished), the Sennheiser RS 130 deserves some serious consideration from picky audiophiles and home theater ...
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Sennheiser RS 120 Wireless TV Headphones Review

First released nine years ago, the RS120 are maybe the best-selling cordless headphones for TV of the past decade. They’re ...
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Sennheiser RS 220 Wireless TV Headphones Review

Sennheiser makes some of the best headphones in the world and has offered the RS 220s as a new evolution ...
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