Royal WES 50 900MHz Wireless Headphones Review

Royal WES 50 900mhz wireless headphones

Approaching a pair of wireless television headphones in the budget price range is a risky proposition. If you’ve experienced the issues that even the best wireless headphones have, it’s hard to believe that an economy model could pull off the trick of faithful RF transmission.

The Royal WES 50 900MHz wireless headphones are a very modestly priced wireless TV and stereo headset transmitting in the 900MHz frequency. It boasts a range of up to 164 feet, utilizes two rechargeable AA batteries that work for 8 hours on a full charge, and features a frequency response from 7 Hz to 10 KHz. It also features Phase Locked Loop technology, which ensures that the headphones are completely locked into the phase of the signal, no matter where you go with the headphones.


These wireless headphones for TV initially performed quite well. A nice feature is the Automatic Level Control (ALC), which lowers the sound of those irritating loud commercials. The comfortable fit is a plus and the range actually held up to the claims made by the manufacturer. This is no surprise, given the use of Radio Frequency at 900 MHz.

While there are many wireless devices utilizing the radio frequencies centered on 900 MHz, the strength of these frequencies is in the range. The longer wavelength can easily move through and around obstacles. The consequence of that is good reception over a broad range.

The headphones certainly transmitted to that distance, but at the outer limits, other signals could be heard creeping in. Unfortunately, this is where the benefits of the WES 50 ended.


First of all, wireless television headphones will always be measured by their sound quality. These headphones have noticeably inferior fidelity, which is to be expected with a frequency range that only extends to 10 KHz.

For reference, the upper limit of human hearing is about 20 KHz, and CD quality sound goes up to 22 KHz. Of course, you probably can’t hear that high, especially if you’re over the age of 20. But that doesn’t mean that missing frequencies over 10 KHz is acceptable. You can still perceive the lack of these frequencies.

The result is a muted, muffled sound to the audio, making these headphones suited for listening to AM radio, and not much else. You’ll be missing quite a bit from both movies and music with this kind of frequency response.

There are also significant problems with static. At every step, the test model included audible amounts of static. No amount of twiddling dissipated that noise.

Additionally, the headphones have an auto-tune function that helps them stay on the best frequency during operation, an excellent feature. The execution, however, is certainly flawed. Every few seconds, there is an audible click. Very distracting.

Bottom Line

There is nothing about these headphones that beats the features of a similarly priced set of headphones with cords. The potential wireless benefits are completely compromised by the poor quality of both sound and construction. Save your pennies and spend a little more for wireless TV headphones that actually deliver proper sound quality and performance.

Royal WES 50
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Royal WES 50

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Summary: The Royal WES Wireless Headphones are your standard cheap 900 MHz wireless headset for TV. They don't have much going on apart from their price. Their design and construction feels cheap, their battery life is abnormaly short, and their sound is plagued with clicks and static. Budget $60 more and you'll get some interesting entry-level wireless TV headphone models.


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